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31K inspiring individuals have committed to not buying any new fast fashion clothing for at least a month since 2018.

Slow Fashion Season (SFS) Campaign

The campaign aims to inspire individuals to avoid buying new fast fashion clothing items and adopt mindful, sustainable consumption.

Did you know?

Make a direct positive impact on the planet and its people.

Take the SFS 2024 pledge.

Commit to not buying any new fast fashion for atleast 1 month.

Take a look at Slow Fashion Season's impact so far!

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CO2 footprint saved
1 Kg

CO2 footprint saved

 water saved
1 L

water saved

money saved
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money saved

waste prevented
1 Kg

waste prevented

Need clothes but you care for the planet & its people?

Buyerarchy of needs by Sarah Lazarovic

Use what you have

“Can I get creative and style my existing clothes differently?”


“Is there a friend or family member I can borrow clothes from?”


“Can I participate in a clothing swap with friends or my local community?”


“Have I explored second-hand or thrift stores for this clothing item?”


“Can I create or upcycle it myself?”

And if none of the above work out, buy

“Is this purchase truly necessary? Am I choosing a seller that prioritises sustainability?”

Boost your pledge

By buying 1 less cotton t-shirt, 2700 litres of water can be saved that goes into making it.

You can make a BIG difference by inviting your friends and encouraging them to pledge with you!


What is the Slow Fashion Season?

In short, we don’t buy fast fashion for a certain duration! Just like slow fashion describes the sustainable and conscious use of clothes, slow fashion season (SFS) campaign is an annual campaign run by SFM, inviting the community to pledge for a specific period of time or beyond that, to refrain from buying fast fashion and be a mindful consumer. In this way, SFM decelerates the throwaway culture of our society, since more value is placed on existing clothing.

When is the Slow Fashion Season campaign by SFM run?

SFS 2024 starts from 1st January 2024 but you can pledge and or continue the challenge for the entire year. We used to run this campaign every summer, however this year we shifted it to the very first month of 2024 – a time when we all reset, re-brand, resolve and re-establish our goals for the year.


Can I join the crowd action campaign after 31st January 2024?


If you sign up for the SFS challenge, you can complete it at your own pace to reduce your environmental and social footprint. Our deadline and target approach harnesses the power of a large community to drive change. Over 31,900 people have joined our SFS challenge since 2018, demonstrating the strength of our community-led movement.

Do I have to participate for the whole period or can I also try it shorter?

Yes! There’s no pressure regarding the timeframe. If you’re unsure about committing to one month, three months, or a full year, you can try a shorter duration. If you find the changes manageable, feel free to continue as long as you like.

Don’t small / local / sustainable businesses need more support?

Just like you, we acknowledge that small/ local/sustainable businesses need support to survive.  We encourage all of you to take a ‘detox’ from fast fashion and reflect on what you truly need. So if and when you ‘need’ to buy a piece of garment, consider:

  • Buying from second-hand, thrift, or vintage stores.
  • Supporting local upcycle artists.
  • Engaging local tailors or seamstresses for existing or custom pieces.
  • Purchasing gift coupons from sustainable brands for future use or gifting.

What are conscious choices?

Conscious choices involve considering various perspectives before making purchasing decisions. In the context of slow fashion, conscious choices include:

  • Avoiding fast fashion brands.
  • Borrowing, swapping, or renting clothing.
  • Purchasing second-hand and true vintage items (not fast fashion in vintage style).
  • Supporting sustainable, local, small, and fair trade certified fashion labels.

Why should I join the crowdact if I am already making conscious choices?

To bring about larger societal changes.

Joining the CrowdAction can exert significant pressure for policy changes due to the greater number of participants! Plus you’ll be part of our global community, which allows you to connect to people across the world or close to home!

What happens after the Slow Fashion Season campaign?

As a global movement with a mission to educate and empower fashion consumers to make environmentally and socially conscious choices, we will continue working together with our local groups, ambassadors, schools and partners to create greater impact by organising workshops, webinars, panel discussions and more. Our ongoing initiatives will include raising awareness through social media, blogs, and offline events.

Slow fashion Movement

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Towards making environmentally and socially conscious decisions, One pledge at a time.

Congratulations on taking the SFS 2024 Pledge!

Now, it’s time to make an even greater impact.

1. Share share share!

Just by buying 1 less cotton T-shirt, you can save 2700L of water!

And 1 less pair of jeans saves 8000L. That’s 7.5 years of drinking water for 1 person!Every pledge counts. Encourage your friends and family to pledge with you! Share your commitment on social media using #SlowFashionSeason2024 and inspire others to take the pledge.

2. Support us further

Slow fashion supporters like you have been at the heart of our 100% volunteer-led global NGO’s growth. Together, we’ve challenged fast fashion norms and championed sustainability. If you can, a small donation helps us keep up the good work. It’s an easy way to stay true to your values and leave a lasting impact on the sustainability movement!